“The score never interested me, only the game.” ~ Mae West I don’t consider myself a sporty type and yet I’m always on the move, not to keep scores but to marvel at the wonders of nature. I cannot begin to tell you how playing in the snow does for my thighs, legs and calves!…

Back to the Routine

Routine, routine…what can I say about routine? Some say it’s boring but others argue that it “brings pleasure and a sense of safety”. Well you decide! My routine is a bit of both, that is, boring and exciting. A sequence of repeated actions almost everyday, for example, a cup of coffee first thing in the…

Holiday Greetings

“The best things in life are free…” I hope the holiday season brings you and your loved ones joy. Cheers Folks!


Nature is by far my number one inspiration. I take my cue from the well-defined seasons, each with a distinct characteristic. I wake up with nature in spring, and sprint to hug trees. I follow the melody of a loon in summer, in order to dance under the midnight sun. I hibernate and read sad…


Whilst we wait for snow… …and when days are dark every natural glow is a joy. I trek distances under the flaming skies to capture images of the glorious sun as it descends. The moonlight a miracle as I dream of a long gone sun, near the campfire. These are effects and moods of late…

On The Brightside

“Disc golf lets me forget that anything else matters. It’s all about being outside in beautiful surroundings and enjoying the complexities of the game.” The weather is so beautiful lately that I have to drag myself outdoors, even though I’m nursing a knee injury. Hope your day is bright and beautiful wherever you are.  

The Colour Grey

Give freedom to colours and then you shall meet the rainbow everywhere!” For more shades of grey, please visit Ailsa

Subtle Sunday

Subtle is one of those elusive words for me. So I’m going to try and apply my subtle mind, and see if I’ll be able to make the fine distinctions.   ouchmybackhurts reckons finding something subtle is not easy, I couldn’t agree more. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!