About Disappearances

I did not want to disappear so that nobody ever finds me. I disappeared to find time, and I’m afraid to report that time to do all things I love is still not enough.

Mountains to disappear to...
Mountains to disappear to…

Then a post by Suvi, one the bloggers I enjoy reading inspired me to write this post. As I’ve mentioned on the “About” page that I started this blog in order to keep up with friends and family. But this exercise went beyond my immediate friends and family, I’ve met so many wonderful people through this blog and that’s why I feel slightly guilty for my disappearance and inconsistent blogging schedule. I simply do not have enough time at this point to keep up with two blogs.

lakes and swamps another story
lakes and swamps another story

Yes, I have two blogs. The idea of mixing business and personal never appealed much to me, which is of course, ridiculous considering that poetry is sort of personal in nature. This, however does not mean that every poem I write is autobiographical. I simple mean there’s always a piece of self revealed in a poem one writes, and people understand poetry in their own way or don’t even like the genre.

so are the forests
so are the forests

It is one of the reasons, I never imposed my poetry into this personal blog. But now that I can’t keep up with posting on both, I think it fair to provide a link to the poetry blog for readers, who are interested to make contact there, and as I post there weekly. And as Suvi puts it, “Before, I was very wary of my privacy…These days I don’t give a hoot!”

and the act of disappearing off into imaginary worlds.
and the act of disappearing off into imaginary worlds.

I remain grateful for your support and that you continue to read this blog, even when I’m not around. Time schedules will hopefully settle in the future and I’ll able to resume a decent blogging pace, but for now you can find here and here. It would be lovely to connect.

And last, I would love hear how you balance blogging or writing in general.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend, folks!


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  1. aj vosse says:

    I wish you balance!!
    I’ve run into time constraints as well! Back working after 18 months job hunting! Now, I have a commute of 100 km twice a day on top of the daily grind! Life’s fun!!
    Let’s be grateful for what we have and enjoy our creativity as best we can!! I will hopefully find time for your poetry, even occasionally!! 😉
    Thanks too, for your support!

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Wow, congrats on being back at work, that’s really awesome! Never the commute, it makes life fun and inspires writing. Let’s be grateful, indeed. And thanks to you too for your support!:-)

      1. aj vosse says:

        I always feel a tad guilty when you visit and I don’t respond soon! Thanks again for your visits! 😉

      2. cocoaupnorth says:

        Hi AJ! Hope you’re keeping well. You are most welcome. And don’t worry about late responses, I’m pretty bad myself. 🙂 Work schedules unfortunately do take up time to blog efficiently.

      3. aj vosse says:

        At least you’re not too miffed with me! Thanks!! 😉

  2. Suvi says:

    So great to hear that my post inspired you to write this! I look forward to reading your poetry, thank you for giving us the chance 🙂 xx

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Many thanks to you Suvi for the inspiration and connecting. I appreciate a lot…xx

  3. it’s always great to connect with you. I’m afraid that I’ve also fallen off the blogging grid just lately. I had to stop receiving notifications by e-mail for all the blogs I follow, as I just couldn’t keep up when we were overseas and also my eye operation made it difficult for me to read. Now we’re back and I have so much to do here as we are finishing the renovations and have to prepare for our cruise. I try my best to visit people, and they are still very generous with their visits and comments to my blog, which I so appreciate. I’m sure that in the new year things will settle down and I’ll hopefully get back on an even keel. Love your beautiful nature photos. Take care and happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours. xx 🙂

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Thank you so much AD for wishes and for keeping in touch, I appreciate! I also understand about blogging, it can be time-consuming, and then there’s still life to live off-line. 🙂 You sound really busy with overseas trip, renovations, eye surgery and another upcoming trip…but it’s all fun, except for surgery, of course. Hope your eye has fully recovered by now. Do have a super Christmas time with your hubby, on the cruise. Much love…xx

  4. rommel says:

    I can barely keep up with blogging as well. And I had a number of hiatuses from before as well. Between work, education, and play 🙂 , it’s hard to keep up. But blogging has been a part of my life now. It’s hard because I don’t think I can ever turn it down. That no matter how long I disappear, I always come back. It’s awesome when you have blogging friends that stick with you. Go and disappear as much as you need to. 😉

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Same applies to me as well, “blogging has been [and still is] part of my life. This blog especially, serves a whole different purpose and that’s why I will come back. Thank you for reading, Rommel. I always appreciate your input. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. ✨🙏🏽✨

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