This is the kind of spring I’m looking forward to



But no, not yet there…

Ice fishing
Ice fishing

For really colourful interpretations, please visit Ailsa.


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  1. Oh dear! I hope Spring doesn’t forget you this year. 🙂 xx

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      There are promising signs:-)

  2. footsy2 says:

    Yikes it does look cold. Intrigued by the photo. Very small hole – anchovy size??? And along side a road???

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      That’s in the northern part of the country, and it’s a frozen river in the pic not a road:-). The hole is produced by using an ice auger which cuts through the ice in order to get to the fish below the icy layer – the art of ice fishing. South on the other hand is quite warm, snow is almost all gone but still colourless, nonetheless.

  3. Spokie sny spoor says:


  4. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    I know exactly what you mean. 😀

  5. Tokeloshe says:

    Hopefully spring has arrived for you by now. I love the ice fishing photo

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Thanks Toks, we’re already in summer now. Let’s see how much warmer it will get:)

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