Boycotting the outdoors…

…is not an option. There’s nothing glamorous about the weather and the outdoors at the moment but one has to keep wading in order to find beauty. For more on the theme please visit Ailsa


This is the kind of spring I’m looking forward to   But no, not yet there… For really colourful interpretations, please visit Ailsa.


“Imagination, not intelligence made us human.” ~ Terry Pratchett For more on the fanciful and fantastic themes, please visit Ailsa.

Grace in a Crane

I’m fascinated by the long-legged and long-necked cranes.   I’m hypnotized by the loud trumpeting call that can be heard from a distance.   I’m captivated by the dancing display, leaping with wings uplifted.   I’m mesmerized by their ability to work well together.   I spend every opportunity I have in spring trying to…