On Transformation

Transformation is such a loaded word in South Africa, more so when we talk about social and political transformation. Nonetheless, transformation has to happen because nothing stays the same.

The Protean - tough yet beautiful
The Protea – tough yet beautiful

Protea is the national flower of South Africa and the flagship species of the Cape Floral kingdom. People of the South like fynbos are tough yet beautiful, and present themselves in astounding variety of shapes, sizes, hues and textures.

Indigenous people of SA - The Khoisans
Indigenous people of SA – The Khoisans

From skins to stilettos, growing middle class with opulent wealth that is almost vulgar, where a majority of people still leaves below the breadline.

Pezula Estate
Pezula Estate

Talk about the huge gap between the rich and the poor in South Africa is an everyday conversation. Transformation is painfully slow.

Double-storey Shacks
Double-storey Shacks

But with Pezula as a neighbour, one can’t help but get inspired to create their own mansion.

The Outeniqua Mountains
The Outeniqua Mountains

Transformation is a tall mountain for us to climb but hopefully on reaching the top, one can marvel at the resilience, diversity, the positive transformation we so desperately desire, and all that makes South Africa a beautiful country.

The view of Wilderness from above
The view of Wilderness from above

For a fun and less heavy take on the theme, please visit Ailsa



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Good take on the theme, Cocoa. Loved seeing the double-storey shacks. One has to admire such enterprise. 🙂

  2. It is still a country in its infancy, with a long history. Apt title for this post.

  3. Spokie sny spoor says:

    Lovely pictures with interesting story. Yes, South Africa is a beautiful country.

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