Travel Theme: Wood

The Finnish landscape is characterized by lakes and forests. Forestry is one of the largest industries here, and is responsible for the production of wood, amongst other things. With 75% forests covering the land area, it means Finns practically live within forests.

Hunter's Cottage

Hunter’s Cottage


In the countryside and as especially in summer, all sorts of small building projects are always under way.


Self-made bridge and a shortcut to the neighbours' sauna

Self-made bridge and a shortcut to the neighbours’ sauna


I like the weather-worn wood with its coarseness. It creates a rustic feel that brings back childhood memories.


Fishermen's Village

Fishermen’s Village


But there’s also something delightful about the smell of fresh wood, especially indoors. It’s like taking a walk in the middle of the forest. Natural essences extracted from different kind of trees (pine, spruce, birch, etc.) are popular in Finnish saunas. 

Outdoor sauna

Outdoor sauna


Barns no longer in use make for a wonderful shelter and photography experience, when on the lookout for the wildlife roaming in the nearby forests.

Old Barn

Old Barn


What can I say? I love wood, and hope you enjoyed the countryside wooden tour.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor Storage


For more on the theme, visit Ailsa.





15 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Wood

  1. Fabulous self-made bridge and love that last one with he hearts on the side of the ‘wood’. 😉
    Thanks for the visit to my blog, cocoa. That is some lifestyle change you’ve put yourself through, but it sounds like you’re enjoying it.

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