Season for change!

Oh yes, I’ve been waiting for spring with much anticipation and it looks like it’s finally here. The beautiful, sunny, shiny and warm weather is starting to feel familiar.

The season has brought about another change to our lives. On my previous post I mentioned that I will be starting spring cleaning soon – well I’m not spring cleaning, I’m literally packing. The city calls! We are moving house again to the southern part of the country, my hubby got an offer he couldn’t refuse.

What is the city but the people? ~ William Shakespeare

What is the city but the people? ~ William Shakespeare

Easy access to shopping, different kinds of restaurants, and cultural events. Plenty of people to choose from in finding friends. Travel is easier – airports, trains, etc. More kinds of jobs available. Better access to universities. You may not need a car. There is usually more tolerance of individual eccentricities.”

Sometime ago I wrote here about my love for both worlds – country and city. I still love the countryside and I’d still choose to live there but I also love the vibrant and pulsating beat of the city, and I’ve missed the city in some ways.

But before I go teetering on my stilettos in the city’s side-walks,  pathways, footpaths, platforms, etc., I’ve got to finish packing. On top of that my assignments deadlines are looming – phew! so much to do.

I will hopefully resurface soon and after all the rush has subsided. If you don’t see me around on the blogs, bare with me I will probably be still finding my balance or just simply being lazy, watching Pretty Woman for the umpteenth time – escapism from the demands of daily life.

A happy new season to you all – whether it’s spring or autumn. I hope it brings about all the positive changes in your lives.



15 thoughts on “Season for change!

    • Hei Lisa:-)
      Yep, the change is really great I love being back in the city. So much to see and do. And at last we have awesome weather, the days are long and I can’t stop smiling.

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