After such a wet and dark autumn, it’s an absolute pleasure to wake up this morning and voila! We have snow. 

There is something magical about the snow. Lucky that, when the first snow fall arrives I am not at work. I can simply stare through the window, appreciating the change and when that is done, I can start piling on warm clothes and go out to wonder aimlessly on quiet roads and forests, taking it all in.

This poem says it all…

All dressed up … in patterns of lace

Ever so softly and gently landing

Each one, in it’s own special place

Crystal flakes, ushering old man winter

Visiting…. Once again, this way

Layering into a soft white blanket

A pretty picture, on a winters day

Dark tree limbs, kissed by the snow

Shivering in the winter winds…

Underneath stand…. Fawn and Doe

Knowing too well, that winter descends

Sun has filtered through… dark clouds

Everything is glistening, pure and white

A squirrel is peeking, from a snowdrift

Part of the scenery…an endearing sight

by Judith Johnson

Wishing you all a beautiful and magical day, whatever season you are enjoying.

First Snowfall (pic taken this morning)

20 Comments Add yours

  1. Keep warm Cocoa 🙂

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Keeping warm with hot choc and marshmallows:-). Thanks Hope…*hugs*

  2. 68ghia says:

    What a lovely sight that must be.
    ENjoy it K 😉

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Thanks J, I’m taking it in and the temperatures are dropping fast.

      1. 68ghia says:

        Getting ready for yet another COLD winter 😉

  3. mygoal says:

    Looks incredible

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      It’s going to get better:-)

  4. adinparadise says:

    Lovely snowy pic, cocoa. It’s hard to imagine what cold is, sitting here in the heat of Florida. 🙂

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Hi AD, winter is slowly setting in this side. I would have loved to have a bit of heat, summer was rather very short this year. So, I will be following your lovely sunny posts with enthusiasm to get a bit of sunshine:-)

      1. adinparadise says:

        Well at the moment, the sky is a deep shade of grey, but it’s very mild outside. Have a great day, cocoa. xx

  5. Lisaman says:

    Hey CocoaR…we’ve had snow on the mountains but not yet in tow…had our first truly beautiful blue sky day in 6 weeks today! the mist came rolling in at 17h00!!! It does look magical..take care..

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      I can imagine how lovely and magical it’s going to be in your part of the world when the snow settles in. Tourists perhaps already gearing up for fun winter sports there.
      Enjoy the beautiful skies…xxx

  6. Madoqua says:

    Oh wow! I don’t like winter at all, but there is something so magical about snow.

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      I found the snow magical too, maybe because I come from the part of the world that doesn’t snow much. Winter is my favourite season, endless winter sports to enjoy:-)

  7. I usually love the first snow, but we’re having such a wonderful autumn here, my reaction to the first snow was quite different. I can wait until December for it quite happily!

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Enjoy what is left of the beautiful autumn.
      Maybe the trick is to imagine and start daydreaming about all the wonderful things that come with snow and winter, that should make the transition from autumn to winter much easier:-)

  8. diannegray says:

    How cosy and beautiful! Hope you’re rugged up 😉

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Thanks Dianne, am really enjoying it and all rugged up:-)

  9. Oh you lucky thing you! I don’t get to see snow here. Love it when I travel overseas and get to walk on the crunchy, newly fallen snow.

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      It is a lovely feeling to see and touch the first snowfall. I’m smiling all the way:-)

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