Cruising back home

…continuing with, Let’s talk travel

We took a night train as planned from Copenhagen and arrived in Stockholm in the early hours of the morning and started scratching our heads, err…what do we do in the meantime whilst waiting for the ferry back home which departs in the evening? 

Saint George and the dragon – “come not between the Dragon and his wrath”

Nothing new about Stockholm, we visit here quite often. Stockholm and Tallinn (Estonia) are very popular cities that Finns like to visit, more especially with overnight ferries. Because of the close proximity and a number of overnight ferries it’s easy and pleasurable to visit them for shopping purposes, amongst other things. Some people just like to spend time on board, enjoying all the entertainment and duty-free shopping without even setting their foot out of the ferry.

The surroundings

Stockholm though, is a beautiful city with gorgeous buildings, great architecture, array of museums, etc. What I admire most are the beautiful islands around (about 14). It’s probably one of the things that attracts tourists here. It’s also a popular place for schools tours during summer holidays, and as we wandered around we heard Finnish being spoken at every corner – students with their teachers on vacation.

Are we all here? Joys of group tours.

Without fail, whenever we are in Stockholm we always get a glimpse of the royal procession. Royal premises, Drottningholm Palace for instance, is quite central and guards changing shifts, parades taking place or someone important being escorted is a common occurrence.

Come guys! stop flirting with tourists, my shift is over.
I think those guys on the horses were really showing off:)

Anyway, it was a delight to be finally transported home. We arrived in Turku the next morning and continued by train up north, where home is. That was the last leg of the trip. We covered six countries in three weeks. It was in all an adventurous, busy, interesting and an awesome trip. 

Mode of transport

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  1. adinparadise says:

    Wow, you certainly got around on that trip, cocoa. Stockholm certainly does look so beautiful, and very clean. 🙂

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Yep, we did cover a lot and felt cheated at times as we didn’t stay longer in other places we would have loved to. Next time I think we 3 months for another 6 countries:-)

  2. Love the pics and post Cocoa 🙂

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Thanks Hope…*hugs*

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