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We entered Germany from the east after leaving Prague, headed to Kempen on the north-western side, where we were staying with friends. 

We had to change trains four times to get to our destination, but it was easy with every train running precisely on the time. We were introduced into the country (not our first time here, but have always flown before), by the easy on the eye and relaxed countryside…well, you can tell by now that I truly love countryside. But things changed as we got to Nürnberg, where we were catching the connecting train to Düsseldorf.

Seen around
Seen around

There was a sudden influx of passengers, business executives mostly and some probably going to Frankfurt as the train goes via this busy city.

The first class carriage started resembling a busy shopping mall at month-end…you get the picture. We seemed to be the only ones around with backpacks and could be probably mistaken as “lost” as we look anything but business-like. We need not have worried because on the next station came in, a big family obviously on holiday with three small kids, who now turned the place to resemble a day-care centre. They were screaming and jumping around enjoying their train ride.

The executives by now were rushing out to the “private booths / cabins” equipped with their laptops and gadgets. It’s interesting to observe the change of a relaxed atmosphere to that of a fast-paced and probably stressed business world. Of course it’s no fault of their own, we all have to make a living after all. I know this business world quite well, I‘ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

We arrived at our friends place to a warm welcome as usual. They had even gone to the trouble of baking hubby a belated birthday cake. Friends are really a blessing and need to be treasured. Our trip couldn’t have been so wonderful if we did not have all these caring and generous friends, who let us invade their homes from time to time so as not to spend so much money on hotels. 

Tidy and quiet streets of Kempen

It was rainy and cool there, which suited us well after the hot days in Prague. We were spending only two nights and we made the best of it by simply resting at home, home-cooked meals, catching up and sight-seeing. I really enjoy the company of our friends as they travel a lot and we always exchange our weirdest encounters and the dumbest things we have done on our journeys.

Sight-seeing included the following amongst others:

For the love of castles – Krefeld


Lighting a candle in the cathedral – Köln


German Print outfits in a museum – Xanten

Germany print /isiShweshwe has it’s own history in South Africa and nowadays creative fashion designers have re-invented it to appeal to the younger generation.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruth2Day says:

    I had a very fleeting visit to Dusseldorf years ago, so sorry I didn’t get a chance to see the city properly. How wonderful to be walking down and leaving in tidy streets.

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      It’s a lovely city, one of the cities I love in Europe.

  2. Ruth2Day says:

    so that should have said living in tidy streets!!!!

  3. adinparadise says:

    You paint a very vivid picture of that train ride, cocoa. I always find that train journeys are so interesting and varied, even from one stop to the next. Excellent chances for people watching. That “Germany print” dress is really beautiful.

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      I enjoy myself on the trains, there’s so much to observe:-).
      Yep! some of the SA designers are creating really stunning stuff from the German print.

  4. A lovely blend of words and pictures! Having been to Dusseldorf on Business, your post has raised my curiosity about the place.


    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      Thanks Shakti. Hope it inspires you to go back as a traveller one day, there’s so much to explore and enjoy.

  5. nice Cologne cathedral – and designer fashion – they should make the catwalk in the church …

    1. cocoaupnorth says:

      It is truly beautiful and huge. The holy priests would probably faint at the glimpse of semi-dressed models:-)

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